Sunday, June 4, 2017


1.     Suitcases –big, medium small
Pouches- big, medium, small
for ear-rings, shampoos, and electronic devices of all kinds

2.     Over one week: Chennai, Bangalore, perhaps Delhi, rarely London
Local food, sometimes healthy, mostly fattening
A good drink(s) in the evening, on a balcony or a pub or on beach, perhaps

3.     Missing, yearnings, longings.
Sometimes partner, sometimes mom, sometimes friends
Sometimes just your own bed

4.     Bed that forgets your curves, and your tosses in the night
Plants wither and die, dogs are unviable
Keys with maid and neighbours for the inevitable leaking pipe

5.     Burglary, fire, flooding – may my home be safe
Airplane crash, accidents, or just the boring nervous breakdown- may I be safe
And of course, may the ones I love be safe while I am away

6.     Freedom;  the excitement of new view from the window
Sometimes tall towers, sometimes trees,
But toilets and septic tanks everywhere for sure

7.     Laptops-with music, movies. Books, notebooks
Walking shoes, yoga mat, medicines
And a little bit of humour, sanity in a suitcase

8.     More recently, coffee shops
Familiar chains, and local cafes

Sometimes a laptop, sometime notebook, always twirling thoughts- and life.

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